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DC Comics has announced a new rush solicitation for the Hot Toys Superman Returns Jor-El Deluxe 1:6 Scale Collectors Figure that has the figure arriving in stores February 11. This spectacular 12-inch high figure is inspired by the appearance of Jor-El in the hit movie Superman Returns, and includes over 22 points of articulation, real-cloth jacket and pants colored glossy white, a display base with the Superman Returns logo and a Jor-El nameplate, and the authentic likeness of actor Marlon Brando. This is the first time the figure has been available in the U.S. and is in extremely limited supply. 

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Or – “What’s REALLY In A Name?” If you were to go to the dentist, open the door, and find a nameplate that reads “Dr. Hiram Rippedflesh, DDS,” you might consider postponing that appointment, right?  And, say,  if the first officers to respond to your call for help were Sergeant Lunatic and Detective Disemboweler, again, you’d probably have second thoughts about your situation, yes?  I imagine that general feeling is roughly how the Legionnaires must have felt when confronted by a girl choosing a nom de guerre that originally hung on one of the worst threats the team had ever faced, a murderous

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