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The DarknessTop Cow

Dale Keown’s character, Pitt returns to comics in August as part of The Darkness/Pitt crossover event.  The three-issue series will be written by Paul Jenkins with art by Keown. The story behind The Darkness/Pitt follows Pitt and his human half-brother Tim on their mission to New York to track down those infected by an alien virus.  But mob boss and current bearer of the mystical power of The Darkness, Jackie Estacado, doesn’t permit anything to go down in his neighborhood unless he knows about it.  When the two forces attract the unwanted attention of the Federal Government, mayhem ensues! ”Darkness/Pitt

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Boom StudiosFarscapeSneak Peek

Boom Studios has a slew of issues hitting shelves next week, just in time for the long holiday week.  Take the jump for Fall of Cthulhu: Apocalypse #1, Farscape #1, Galveston #2, Necronomicon #4, Remnant #1, Warhammer: Crown of Destruction #3, and Warhammer 40,000: Defenders of Ultramar #1.

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Dynamite EntertainmentProject SuperpowersReview

Or – “Strong Instincts Got Me Where I Am Today…” Which is to say, the position of “Ineffectual Middle Management Suckup” with a part-time job at a comic store and a gig writing on the intarwebs.  I will not say that I’m always right about whether or not a comic series will succeed.  I rooted for Martian Manhunter, after all, and was a big fan of the recently deceased Shadowpact series.  But, barring the occasional title for which I have an inexplicable fondness, my comic-picking thought process has a not-too-terrible batting average.  When this book was advertised, I suspected that

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