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Great Big ComicsReviewShe Buccaneer

A three issue limited, that has no ending I’ve been reading a lot of small press titles these last couple of months.  One of my favorite discoveries has been the Voyages of She Buccaneer from Great Big Comics, that I fell in love with in the first issue.  The mini-series reaches its conclusion in this issue, and it leaves you kind of hanging.

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DCDragonmageHero HistoryLegion of Super HeroesReview

Or – “Magic And The Legion.  Two Great Tastes That Taste WEIRD Together…” Throughout the history of the Legion of Super-Heroes, many of their members have gotten their powers from experimentation run wild (Sun Boy, Wildfire, Quislet, and even the Ranzz twins, in a way) whereas others have gained their powers from simple genetics (Dawnstar, Cosmic Boy, Matter-Eater Lad, etc.)  But for many years in the bright and shiny future, no one gained their abilities from manipulation of the mystic powers, from the hoary hosts of the neitherworld, or from the various powers beyond the pale.  When Mysa Nal, the

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