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You’ve enjoyed decades of fun as Mystery Science Theater 3000 took on the worst of the worst movies in the known universe. In September, the crew of the Satellite of Love take on comics.

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Shout! Factory returns to the convention in 2017 with a dynamic lineup, featuring captivating panel events, a showcase of new and upcoming theatrical and home entertainment releases, new official Mystery Science Theater 3000 merchandise,

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 trailer

Mystery Science Theater returns on April 14th on Netflix. Now, just a few weeks ahead of the release, we have our first look at the new faces, and a hint of the movies we’re going to see during the 13 episode run.

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When I was in college, I discovered Mystery Science Theater 3000 when it was still in its infancy. It was a radical change in how I viewed television, and it became a touchstone for making new friends.  Now, while the revival gets closer to release, Dark Horse Comics has announced a new deal that will bring licensed MST3k comics and merch our way.

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This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast, the boys reminisce about Mystery Science Theater 3000, review Ben 10, Astro City, and Kiss Me Satan, and speculate what might happen now that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has announced he’s producing a Sandman movie.

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One of the great joys of college was waking up early Saturday morning (after a night of doing things that college kids do) and watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 with my pals.  Oh the joys of having Joel and the bots sitting at the bottom of my screen mocking crappy movies.   Now those silhouettes can be in your home once again with a cool decal.

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It’s not uncommon for television series that are popular in one country to get adapted for the airwaves in another.  The Office, Skins, Being Human, and Life on Mars are just a few that we took from the Brits.  Likewise shows like The Big Bang Theory have been adapted for audiences in other countries, but the one that has to take the cake is Project Popcorn. What?  You’ve never heard of an American show called Project Popcorn?  That’s because you probably know it better as Mystery Science Theater 3000. Check out the intro, that seems eerily familiar, even down to

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If you are a fan of MSt3K, chances are you already have the fabulous songs of Mike, Joel, Crow, and Tom Servo singing it up in style.  When the show was still in its early days, the musical numbers were some of the best interstitials on television.  Some of the best songs were collected on CD back in the day, but now Clowns in the Sky volume 1 and volume 2 are available via iTunes, and would make a great virtual stocking stuffer for the MST3K fan out there.  $15.99 for 45 songs is quite the deal, especially when the

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I’ve been a fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 since they first debuted on HA!  I’m a big Joel fan and have had the pleasure of exchanging pleasantries with him on several occasions.  Joel and many of the other MST3K troupe have been going around the country doing live shows, and on December 16, 2009, they are releasing their first live DVD: Cinematic Titanic Live: East Meets Watts. via Cinematic Titanic

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This week, we’re bringing it back ot robot on robot action by asking you to decide between the two beloved robots from Mystery Science Theater 3000.  It’s kind of like asking you to choose between your two favorite children, but if you had to choose only one, would you pick Tom, or Crow? DECIDE!

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It’s hard to belive Mystery Science Theater 3000 just celebrated its 20th anniversary.  There are still plenty of fans who think the show rocks, including Andrew Dickman, who shared some of his quick sketch animation work. [youtube width=”425″ height=”335″][/youtube] via DeviantArt

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Major SpoilersPoll

Last week there was a small Mystery Science Theater 3000 reference in the Major Spoilers Poll.  Considering Comic Con International: San Diego just had a get together of all the MST3K people, I thought it was a good time to open this wound once again.

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