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DCDoc Savage

The Source posted this simple image with the tag, “Let the speculation begin”. Could DC really be bringing Doc Savage back to comic books?  Will they try to resurrect the Doc Savage and Son series from the late 1980’s that started well, but failed in the end?  Who is attached to that mysterious shadow on the other wall?  Could this be a page from grant morrison’s Multiversity, The Spirit meeting another contemporary, or is this simply Adam Strange striking a familiar pose? DISCUSS I SAY! The Source

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BatgirlBatmanDCNightwingOutsidersReviewThe Outsiders

Riddle me this:  When is Batman and the Outsiders not Batman and the Outsiders? The answer of course Dear Reader, is when the issue features neither Batman nor the Outsiders.  But there in lies the juicy bits of the issue.  With the “death” of Batman, there has been chaos throughout Gotham City.  And while there are those that are scrambling to fill in the void, there are few who are willing to step up with a new plan.  Someone like Batman’s daughter. Wha?

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