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The 1981 Sean Connery movie Outland is getting a remake thanks to Warner Bros. The original western space adventure was set on one of Jupiter’s moons, where a marshall (Connery) investigated a series of mysterious deaths, and had to take on the colony’s corporate administrators when no one else on the moon would help him.  It was an interesting piece of film – nothing spectacular, and right on par with the 1981 space movie mentality.  The remake will be quite different. The story takes place in an orbiting city around the moon, where a cop uncovers a murderous conspiracy endangering

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Now here’s an interesting development For those following along with the many reviews Major Spoilers cranks out, my thoughts on Batman Confidential have been quite low as of late.  However, something strange has happened with this Legends of the Dark Knight reboot that kept the series on my pull list – a good story.

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Somewhere in time: The mind behind the JSA goes MIA, Logan and Arnold are back in our hearts, and the soul of the Marvel Universe is back, but is it too late already? Plus: We explain how Urban Legends get started, we learn how bad puns get started, and we learn how short deadlines cause the podcast open to not make sense. [podcast][/podcast] Direct Download Subscribe via iTunes RSS Feed Podcast Alley Show Notes after the Jump!

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Sneak PeekTop CowWitchblade

The latest issue of Witchblade kicks off a brand new story arc which sends Sara Pezzini into an Orthodox Jewish community to investigate soem mysterious goings on.  Top Cow has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the issue that arrives this week.

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