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Jawiin on youtube has released the latest episode of Girl on Supergirl hosted by Ashley Victoria Robinson! Every week she will review CBS‘ Supergirl episode and provide breakdowns and interesting information about the classic DC Comics’ characters popping up throughout the series! This week she reviews the nineteenth episode: Myriad:

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Ten Things
FeaturedMajor SpoilersTen Things

The secret identity is a curious thing.  Clark Kent is wildly different from Superman, while Tony Stark makes little pretense of being different in his costume than out.  Then there are heroes who identities require a flowchart, a scorecard and a long memory…  Welcome to Ten Things!

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Image ComicsReprint

Here’s one that tops the myriad of sell-out issue announcements from Marvel – Image Comics is sending Viking #1 back to press for a second printing, even though the first issue won’t hit the shelves until April 22, 2009. Take the jump for the full press release.

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Image ComicsInvincibleReviewRobert KirkmanRyan Ottley

Now this is more like it I don’t know what happened in the second part of that two-part crossover issue that began in Invincible #57, and frankly, I don’t care.   What I do care about is the intricate universe Robert Kirkman has created in Invincible and the myriad of characters in it.  The latest issue returns readers to the good ol’ days of a young superhero and all the people in it.

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Faster is not always better I knew that if I didn’t jump on the latest installment of Terra, someone out there would be screaming bloody murder.  So without further ado, here’s your look at the third installment of the four-issue mini-series from DC Comics.

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It’s the most wonderful time, of the year… This has got to be one of the best weeks of the year.  The spooky decorations are out, the little tykes are trying on their costumes for a night for mischief, and the dental industry is primed to make a killing over the next couple of months as kid’s teeth start falling out from candy rot.  DC is getting into the act too, with an all new seasonal special that should spook us all.

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pow entertainmentStan LeeVirgin Comics

If you tried to keep up with the myriad of announcements coming from the New York Comic Con, you might have missed the announcement that Stan Lee is forming a new partnership with Virgin Comics. “What a dream assignment!” enthused the always-ebullient Lee. “I can’t wait to start pitting my newest, most exciting superheroes against comicdom’s most powerful, diabolical super villains and then have the fun of tossing them into far-out, thrill-a-minute adventures to challenge the readers’ imagination! And who better to share in the fun, creating wondrous new worlds without limit, than the incredibly talented and dedicated guys at

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From the EditorMajor Spoilers

Occasionally I get an email asking what is on my pull list.  The list fluctuates from month to month, but if you head over to the Major Spoilers Forum, you’ll find my pull list from the March 2008 Previews catalogue. And don’t forget there are plenty of other discussions going on right now in the myriad of other categories in the forums. Major Spoilers Forum

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