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Heroes don’t get sick days when the world is in danger, especially when it’s the enemy spreading the virus.

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It wasn’t supposed to happen like it did. The seal on the Silver Crystal was supposed to last a bit longer. But fate doesn’t sit around and wait for things like “convenience.”

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Sailor V’s famous in her own right, and Usagi has idolized her for quite a while. But Usagi never thought that she’d have to protect her hero.

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With an enormous burst of energy, Sailor Moon was able to save all of Tokyo from Zoisite. Does this mean she already has the Silver Crystal? If so, why does she genuinely act like she doesn’t have it?

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Sailor Moon changed the way anime was done, and like many great successes, had no idea what it was about to do to the industry as it was doing it. Twenty-five years later, we remember why Sailor Moon is so iconic with the new adaptation of Sailor Moon Crystal.

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