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Boom StudiosPress Release

Press Release In this globe-trotting comedic misadventure, Benton “Bags” Bagswell, charming loser, drunken prognosticator, and loutish every-man, has decided to track down the Face of History, shadowy leader of a vast conspiracy. To do this, Bags has enlisted the help of an expanding cast of odd-balls and misfits, including his troubled girlfriend Victoria and the ever-over-the-top spy Rick Stryker. But the closer they get to a final confrontation, the closer Bags comes to realizing that fate has more in store than any of them could anticipate and that he might not be the hero of this story at all. Come

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Boom StudiosSneak Peek

With the announcement of Claudio Sanchez’s upcoming Kill Audio book with Boom! Studios, we thought it might be a good idea to give you a sneak peek or the San Diego Comic Con preview issue – a sneak peek of a sneak peek if you will.

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