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This week, Stephen takes a look at three hard to find/exclusive LEGO Minifigures.

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USA Today has the first look at Gotham’s Victor Fries a.k.a. Mr. Freeze. Actor Nathan Darrow (House of Cards, Blue Bloods), will step into the icy role for the mid-season finale to air tonight at 8pm on Fox. For his Gotham incarnation Victor Fries will be a cryogenics engineer working for Wayne Enterprises on top of the storyline with his sick wife, Nora. Nick Darrow had this to tell USA Today about Mr. Freeze: “Victor has one central intimate human connection, and that’s with his wife. There’s something really, really interesting and vulnerable and difficult about that. Of course, that is threatened by her illness … I will

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Press Release New York Toy Fair is fast approaching, and Diamond Select Toys has unveiled a whopping 18 new items in the February issue of Diamond Comics’ Previews catalog. Of the 18 new items, five are from brand-new licenses – Comic Book Men, Predator, The Nightmare Before Christmas, SpongeBob Squarepants and Valiant Comics! Keep an eye out for more merchandise from each of those licenses to be revealed at NY Toy Fair and beyond, and pre-order all of these items today at your local comic shop or favorite online retailer! Find your nearest comic shop at!  

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DCToy FairToys

Toy Fair 2014 is this week so many companies are prepping to show what they will be releasing from the toy department during the coming year. As with most things now, announcements tend to be released before the show even begins, which is exactly what DC did when they announced multiple new lines including figures from Batman: The Animated Series and Son of Batman. We at Major Spoilers are perfectly fine with this early announcement.

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Art Appreciation Moment of the DayBatmanDC

Batman is all the rage right, well actually he always is, now due to the Death of the Family story line wrapping up and the release of Batman Inc. #8 today (listen for Stephen’s and Matthew’s thoughts on this week’s Dueling Review!) With all this happening we decided to feature Batman fan-art done by Mike Henry, who you will recognize from his X-Men art featured previously.

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Art Appreciation Moment of the Day

It’s turning into a partial winter wonderland here in the land of Major Spoilers, which has sent me to the Internet looking for pictures of the different winter themed villans. Today’s Art Moment comes from current artist on IDW’s Transformers: Monstrosity Livio Ramondelli and his take on Mr. Freeze!

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Sony Online Entertainment has released another batch of images from the upcoming DC Universe Online MMORPG that arrives sometime in the future.  While we patiently wait, the company keeps teasing us with these morsels, this time featuring Mr. Freeze. Take the jump for the complete gallery!

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From the EditorMajor Spoilers

This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast, the Major Spoilers Crew takes a look at DC’s Dark Victory by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. via DC Comics The sequel to the critically acclaimed BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN, this trade paperback continues the story of an early time in Batman’s life when James Gordon, Harvey Dent, and the vigilante himself were all just beginning their roles as Gotham’s protectors. Once a town controlled by organized crime, Gotham City suddenly finds itself being run by lawless freaks, such as Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and the Joker. Witnessing his city’s dark evolution, the

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dan jurgensDCReviewSuperman's Reign

It just got really weird You know what has really been missing in DC Comics since the end of 52?  A whole slew of mutliverse stories.  Sure, there’s that whole cluster bomb that is Final Crisis and Superman Beyond 3D that touches on a multiverse, and there has been an ongoing tale featuring Superman from Earth-22 in JSA, but that story took place on New Earth.  It could be argued Trinity is a multiverse story, in that it features the Riddler from the Antimatter universe, but the series has turned more into an alternate timeline story than one that takes

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BatmanDCDetective ComicsDustin NguyenPaul DiniReview

In which Selina makes an enemy It’s too bad DC didn’t take a long hard look at what Paul Dini was doing in the pages of Detective Comics and make the executive decision to turn his Heart of Hush story into the final Batman story.  Instead of a whacked out tale, Dini takes the legend of Batman and brings it back to the one thing that can save any hero, heal any wound, and thwart the worst of people – love.

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Booster GoldDCReview

In which time travel becomes even more confusing If I had the ability to travel through time, there are many things I’d try and go back and fix in order to make the future better.  One thing I know I don’t want to do is travel to a future where a giant starfish has taken over the planet and I’m being cast into a pit of spores.

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