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Batmancomic conventionLegoMoviessan Diego Comic ConTrailerVideoWarner Bros.

The LEGO Batman Twitter feed just shared a new trailer for the upcoming movie.

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wonder woman poster
comic conventionDCMoviesPostersan Diego Comic ConWarner Bros.Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot shared a new Wonder Woman poster on her Twitter feed today, and needless to say, fan reaction has been very positive.

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MoviesPower Rangers

While we already know who will summon the Zords in the upcoming Power Rangers movie, the announcement that Bryan Cranston will play Zordon should bring a smile to more than a few faces.

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Are you ready for a new Ghostbusters trailer? Good, because you can see it, and look at Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, after the jump.

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DCFlashMoviesWarner Bros.

Variety is reporting that director Seth Grahame-Smith has left the upcoming The Flash movie from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment over “creative differences.”

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IN a world where there is barely any oxygen, humanity tries to survive. In EVE, by Eric Gandois, Delphine Chaneac witnesses the last moments of humanity before nature resumes it duties.

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Work on the Blade Runner sequel must be going well, as Alcon Entertainment has moved the movie from January 2018 to October 2017.

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If you were wondering if Warcraft was just going to be paladins and orc warriors, take a look at the latest trailer that features at least one shot of a magic user.

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LucasfilmMoviesStar WarsTrailerVideo

I didn’t think it would arrive online until later this morning, but here it is – the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One, and it is everything you hoped it would be.

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DCMoviesWarner Bros.

If you’ve already seen Batman v Superman, you’ve seen Wonder Woman in action. If you follow Major Spoilers, you’ve seen behind the scenes and official photos from the upcoming Wonder Woman solo flick. What you haven’t seen are many of the Amazons that Wonder Woman interacts with. That changes now.

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lego batman movie

Batman is laying down some dope tracks for the LEGO Batman Movie coming our way in 2017.  The first trailer has arrived, and it is everything you want from a LEGO Batman movie.

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Dead@17Josh HowardVideo

We’ve been fans of Josh Howard’s Dead@17 for years. There have been fan films made of the series, but now this short film from PopBoom enters the arena as an official short.

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AnimationDisneyMoviesTalk Back

This weekend, Walt Disney Animation Studios released Zootopia on the world, and the box office responded with ticket sales that broke Frozen’s 2013 $67.4 million debut. The feature films take on bias and stereotypes was well received by everyone at the Major Spoilers HQ, and many Spoilerites gave their thumbs up as well. What did you think?

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Fan FilmGhostbustersMoviesTrailerVideo

Yesterday, the Internet seemed very preoccupied about the first Ghostbusters trailer for the upcoming Paul Feig movie. First trailers are often meant to give the viewer a 30,000 foot view of the movie, and hopefully give you enough context to keep you watching, but what if the funny bits of yesterday’s trailer were removed? That’s what Mike Colver did, and suddenly the movie takes on a whole new tone.

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