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Review The Scumbag #1 Review 7.7

The Scumbag #1 Review

In The Scumbag #1, we’re introduced to Ernie Clementine, quite simply the most disgusting man alive.  But when Ernie injects himself with stolen nanotech, he becomes Earth’s one hope to avert Armageddon.  We’re doomed!  Read all about it in your latest might Major Spoilers review!

Review 9.3

Black Science #43 Review

Will Grant McKay find happiness in the multiverse or will this story end in tragedy? This is the thrilling conclusion of the hit science fiction series Black Science by Image Comics!

Review The Weatherman #4 Review 10.0

The Weatherman Vol. 2 #4 Review

The mission to recover Ian Black’s memories continues to be brutal, and the clock is ticking. Does the memory drive still exist? The lives of billions depend on it. Find out more in The Weatherman Vol. 2 #4!

Review 9.0

Black Science #42 Review

Black Science is about to come to an end in a couple of issues but not before it touches at our heartstrings and remind us that decisions matter. Come find out what decisions Grant McKay decides in Black Science #42.

Review The Weatherman #2 10.0

The Weatherman Vol. 2 #2 Review

Earth is a plague world, but it may be the only hope for recovering Nathan Bright’s real memories. Can they find Dr. Nyseth in time? Find out in The Weatherman Vol. 2 #2