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Review 9.3

Monstress #32 Review

Political intrigue continues in Monstress #32. Follow Maika Halfwolf as she handles the strife between Arcanics and Humans in this hit series by Image Comics! 

Review 10.0

Monstress #31 Review

War is on the doorstep and Maika is at the epicenter. Not only must Maika and her friends fight their enemies, but they must fight the political battles within their own allies. Find out more in Monstress #31 by Image Comics! 

Review 10.0

Monstress Talk Stories #2 Review

A war inflicted world leads to the stories of war heroes and refugees alike. Come check out this interim series within the Monstress Universe in Monstress Talk Stories #2 by Image Comics!

Review Monstress Talk Stories #1 10.0

Monstress Talk-Stories #1 Review

Monstress is a great epic fantasy series set in 20th century Asia. Come check out this interlude as Kippa talks about a defining moment of her past in Monstress Talk-Stories #1 by Image Comics!