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Sneak Peek Wonder Woman #760

[Preview] Wonder Woman #760

Wonder Woman’s quest to bring justice to Man’s World has seen her take on many devastating opponents-but none so vicious as Maxwell Lord! Take the jump for a look at Wonder Woman #760 from DC Comics.

Review Batman Secret Files #1 Review 7.3

Batman Secret Files #1 Review

Once again we delve into the case files of Gotham’s gallant dark knight as Tom King and a host of other creators fling open the Batman Secret Files #1 from DC Comics. What secrets will be uncovered?

Feature Comic Book Review for the Week: 06/20/18

Comic Book Reviews for This Week: 06/24/18

Welcome to the weekly rundown of comic book reviews from Major Spoilers. There is a lot of stuff on the site, but this is certainly the place to find all of the reviews we’ve written this week (and a bit more).

DC Batman #49 Feature

Batman #49 Review

It’s Catwoman versus The Joker, with Batman’s life in the balance.  Will Selena succeed where fiance failed?  Your Major Spoilers review of Batman #49 awaits!


Batman #42 Review

Poison Ivy has taken over the world.  But…  is that really such a bad thing…

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