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Or – “Okay, Digital Distribution…  Let’s See What You’ve Got.” Thanks to a pretty canny marketing campaign, Archie has had me quite excited about the relaunch of the Crusaders, so excited that I’m willing to venture into entirely new forms of multimedia to get these stories…  How does the first issue pan out?

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Back in 1997 or so, I happened upon a box containing a complete set of the mid-80’s Red Circle comics featuring the Archie heroes.  I was already a fan of the !mpact Comics versions, but this carton of comics was like stumbling onto a new comics world, as broad as Marvel, as old as DC, but unexplored and untamed.  As Archie Comics prepares their new all-digital Crusaders revival, I find myself ready to whole-heartedly commit to the digital comics revolution for the first time, just for New Crusaders. The MS-QOTD, Faithful Spoilerites, is this:  What characters, creators or concepts could

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