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Review Lost Falls #1 Review 9.0

Lost Falls #1 Review

Something strange is going on in Lost Falls, and it seems like none of its inhabitants are going to be spared its impact.  Your Major Spoilers review of  Lost Falls #1, awaits!

Review Terminal Punks #1 Review 6.3

Terminal Punks #1 Review

Four friends win a trip to New York and land just as another plane crashes, a plane full of creatures turned into monsters. What happens when they meet? Find out in Terminal Punks #1 from Mad Cave Studios!

Review Killtopia, Japan, Anime, cyberpunk, Sector K, Crash, Wreckers, Shinji, manga, nano-virus, BHP Comics, Dave Cook, Craig Paton, Micah Myers, Sha Nazir, Jack Lothian, Stiletto 9.3

Killtopia #2 Advance Review

One of the great things about reading comics from another country is that the creators there often have different perspectives on things than those of us in the U.S. do. That means I will often go places I’ve never seen before, and I truly enjoy that!

A perfect example of this is Killtopia, a British comic that is truly sci-fi in its nature, asking “what if?” on so many different levels that the book is very, very possible—frighteningly so! I mean, even some of the robots have advertisements and happy faces on them! I have a feeling we’ll see that in real life before too long.

It’s a comic about where we are going and what we just might be doing much sooner than we figure. So look out!