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Sneak Peek Black Terror #2

[Preview] Black Terror #2

The Black Terror faces his most dangerous foe yet…HIPPIES! Take the jump for a sneak peek of Black Terror #2 from Dynamite Entertainment.

Review Black Terror #1 Review 7.3

Black Terror #1 Review

The battles has been fought, the war has been won and the criminals have been punished. Now Bob Benton is adjusting to life as a normal pharmacist. But after having lived the life of the Black Terror, can he be satisfied filling prescriptions? Let’s find out in BLACK TERROR #1 from Dynamite comics

Review MOON KNIGHT #200 Review 5.3

Moon Knight #200 Review

Moon Knight must face his demons, but even with all his personalities, he’s still outnumbered.  Your Major Spoilers review of Moon Knight #200 awaits!

Boom Studios Lucy Dreaming #4

Lucy Dreaming #4

This week, in Lucy Dreaming #4, Lucy and Welsey work together to tear a hole in the dream world into actual reality, despite the very real disasters it could cause!

Featured Moon Knight #195 Review

Moon Knight #195 Review

This time, Moon Knight isn’t the only one with multiple voices in his head.  Your Major Spoilers review of Moon Knight #195 awaits!

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