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Press Release Reaffirming its commitment to its fans and the storytelling vision of its creators, Dark Horse Comics is proud to announce the establishment of Dark Horse Digital Exclusives, which will include all-new, exclusive story content for The Ghost Fleet, Resurrectionists, and Sundowners.

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A caper tale with a twist: Jericho Way is an architect-turned-thief who finds out that he can tap into his past lives, using the abilities of people he’s been before! There’s no way this can possibly be anything but good, right?! Here, have a review!

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Dark Horse ComicsSneak Peek

Dark Horse Comics sent us a sneak peek of Resurrectionists #1, and we are sharing this first look with you!

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Dark Horse ComicsPress ReleaseSolicitations

Press Release Dark Horse Comics is headed to the circus this fall with Victor Gischler’s latest wild ride: Clown Fatale!

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