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Review 8.0

X of Swords: X-Force #13 Review

Wolverine is in hell trying to get Muramasa to fight in the war between Krakoa and Arrako. However, what he finds is his old ally working for The Hand! Find out more in X-Force #13 by Marvel Comics!

Review 9.0

X of Swords: Wolverine #6 Review

The tournament has been set and Krakoa must find their champions and their weapons. Wolverine is set to represent the mutant nation but he must find Muramasa to make him a new weapon. Check it out in Wolverine #6 by Marvel Comics!

Review 6.0

Giant Size X-Men #1 – Review

Storm has been infected with a machine virus that is going to kill her. She must come up with a daring plan or she will have to be resurrected! Find out more in Giant Size X-Men: Storm #1 by Marvel Comics!

Review Runaways #23 7.7

Runaways #23 Review

Runaways #23 is a book filled with questions. Can an an android find purpose beyond its programming? Can a man who risked everything to save the one he loves accept when she loves someone else? What’s the point of having superpowers if they aren’t used to help others? What do you feed a teenage godlike being? But the biggest question of all is does this issue answer these effectively? Find out in the our Runaways #23 review.