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Review 6.0

Bad Luck Chuck #3 Review

When you sell your bad luck to the shady side of town, don’t be surprised if you become the target of the criminal world’s ire.  Will Chuck make it out of it alive?  Or will she roll snake eyes against the forces arrayed against her?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review of Bad Luck Chuck #3!

Review 7.0

Goosebumps: Horror of the Witch House #1 Review

A new woman comes to town and buys the old, haunted Whaley house. But something seems just a little odd, and Rose, Becca, and Carlos are irresistibly drawn to check it out. What will they find? Goosebumps is back as we review Goosebumps: Horror of the Witch House #1 from IDW Publishing.

Solicitations Bad Luck Chuck

Dark Horse Comics announces Bad Luck Chuck

Dark Horse Comics has announced Bad Luck Chuck from the creative team of Lela Gwenn and Matthew Dow Smith – a noir tale full of anti-heroes, smartass outlaws and oddball villains – just the thing you’ve been asking for in your comic books.

IDW Publishing X-Files #14

[Preview] The X-Files #14

Chris Carter oversees the X-Files series at IDW Publishing. So, while you wait for the next season to arrive on TV, check out this sneak peek of X-Files #14.

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