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Sneak Peek Folklords #2

[First Look] Folklords #2

I really enjoyed Folklords #1 from Matt Kindt and Matt Smith, and today we have a sneak peek of Folklords #2 send to us from the fine folks at BOOM! Studios.

Sneak Peek Folklords #1

[Preview] Folklords #1

BOOM! Studios launches Folklords #1, the first issue in a five issue mini-series from Matt Kindt and Matt Smith. Pay attention to this one, folks, it is a good one.

Sneak Peek Folklords #1

[First Look] Folklords #1

In November, BOOM! Studios kicks off Folklords, an all-new five-issue mini-series, from writer Matt Kindt, and artist Matt Smith. Take the jump for a first look at Folklords #1 from the two Matts.

Review Ether #1 9.0

Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell #1

A political takeover by Lord Ubel leads to the kidnapping of Violet Bell. Can Boone be pulled out of his funk long enough to figure out what’s going on? Find out in Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell #1!


BOOM! Studios announces Folklords by Matt Kindt and Matt Smith

BOOM! Studios is proud to announce FOLKLORDS, an all-new original five-issue series from Eisner Award-nominated writer Matt Kindt and acclaimed artist Matt Smith about a young man whose forbidden quest reveals the shocking truth about his world and turns everything he ever knew upside down, available in November 2019.

Review Black Badge #12 Review 8.0

Black Badge #12 Review

This is it – the culmination of an epic series of spies, betrayal and death.  Can our renewed quartet find a way to survive and turn the Black Badges into a force for good?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review!

Sneak Peek

[Preview] Black Badge #11

As the current Black Badge team learns more about their predecessors, a rift grows between the two generations— Will it all come to a head? Check out this sneak peek of Black Badge #11 that arrives in stores on Wednesday.

Review 7.3

Black Badge #10 Review

Strapped to gurneys and threatened with memory erasure, can the surviving members of the Black Badge team escape and make those who betrayed them pay?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review of Black Badge #10!

Review Black Hammer '45 #3 8.0

Black Hammer ’45 #3 Review

In the past, the last mission of the Black Hammer Squadron is coming to an end, but what will it be successful? In the present, old comrades are gathering for an event, but what is it? More answers are met with more questions in BLACK HAMMER ’45 #3 from Dark Horse Comics, on comic shelves now!

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