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What do you get when you take a new, futuristic Los Angeles, mix it with Mad Max style gladiatorial combat and sprinkle social commentary?  The answer: Suiciders #1 by Lee Bermejo.  Major Spoilers takes a look at the new Vertigo series and has a review for you after the jump!

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FeaturedImage ComicsReview

The first issue of Wytches was an eerie, atmospheric and somewhat terrifying opener for a series that asks: “Who Would You Pledge?”  Issue two came out this week and Major Spoilers dug in to see if we’d regret our choice.  (Hint: It was Matthew!) Your review awaits!

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Aspencomic convention

Totally missed this earlier this week, but want to get it out incase there are a few of you who will be going to the show.  Plus it doesn’t hurt to show off some images from the company. Press Release San Diego Comic Con International 2009 will take center stage as Aspen Comics unveils brand new titles and debuts a host of exciting SDCC exclusives and more for the largest comic book convention in the world. In addition to rare convention comic books, Aspen is arriving in San Diego in full force to meet and greet with the fans. Frank

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Dark Horse ComicsSolicitations

It’s that time again – time for another round up of solicitation information to get you excited about upcoming titles.  Dark Horse has sent Major Spoilers its rundown of titles arriving in March.

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