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Review 10.0

Syphon #3 Review

When you have the ability to manipulate the feelings of others, what do you do with that power? Do you help or harm people? Find out in Syphon #3 by Image Comics! 

Review 9.0

Syphon #1 Review

Sylas is trusted with a new power. The power to syphon pain and misery from those around him and carry their burdens. Find out how he copes in Syphon #1 by Image Comics! 

Review The Clock #2 Review 9.3

The Clock #2 Review

Jack Davidson throws himself into his work trying to work out why there are aggressive cancer outbreaks. An anonymous note and a careful double-check lead…to what new puzzle? Find out in The Clock #2 from Top Cow!

Review Postal Deliverance #6 Review 8.3

Postal Deliverance #6 Review

With Eden facing a serial killer, the police have their hands full trying to track him in Postal Deliverance #6, from Top Cow.  While Eden’s mayor Mark attempts to balance family with his responsibilities, his wife Laura goes off into the woods to hunt for clues.  And who does she find but her mother-in-law…with a shotgun!  Is this the final end?  Find out in our Major Spoilers review!

Review The Clock #1 Review 10.0

The Clock #1 Review

It’s a race against time as Jack struggles to understand the mechanism of a new, aggressive type of cancer. Can he figure it out before it kills millions? Find out in The Clock #1 from Top Cow Productions!

Sneak Peek Cyber Force #11

[Preview] Cyber Force #11

Members of Cyber Force must choose between serving the master that created them or being independent-and thus becoming targets of the world in this week’s Cyber Force #11 from Top Cow.

Review 5.3

Vindication #1 Review

The story of a convicted murder set free on a technicality, and the detective who put him away in the first place is the subject of Vindication #1. 

Sneak Peek Cyber Force #4

Cyber Force #4

Top Cow releases Cyber Force #4 this week, and before it lands at your LCS you have this one chance to check out a sneak peek right now.

Sneak Peek Cyber Force #5

Cyber Force #3

Cyber Force is back (again). Top Cow has released a sneak peek of Cyber Force #3, that arrives in stores on Wednesday.

Sneak Peek Warframe #5

Warframe #5

Here is your first look at Warframe #5 from Top Cow. The issue arrives in stores on May 30th.

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