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Supergirl and Ambush Bug!  Doo Dah!  Doo Dah! Supergirl and Ambush Bug!  Someone’s gotta die! Your Major Spoilers review of Convergence: Supergirl Matrix #2 awaits!

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From the EditorPoll

Zack contacted us via Twitter to ask the all important question, “If Darth Vader and Neo were in a fight, whose powers would lead to victory?” Good question Zack, why don’t we let the readers weigh in? FIGHT!

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If you like stop motion animation and you are a big fan of LEGOs, then you’re going to get a kick out of this Matrix recreation done with the little bricks.  I’m particularly fond of the Matrix-Time effect. Can you believe it took 440 hours to make this? Impressive!

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MoviesWarner Bros.

Rumors were bandied about last week that tweener heart-throb Zac Efron had landed the role as Jonny Quest.  The rumor looks like it is face in reports showing up on the L.A. Times Hero Complex blog.  The odd part is, it looks like Warner Bros. might drop the name Jonny Quest from the title of the film, for fearing it will be likend to Speed Racer. Here’s a tip H’Wood – it isn’t the name that put the negative conoation on the Speed Racer film, it was the lavish over the top stylized crapfest of a story the Wachowski brothers

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