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The Old Man Logan story line continues to cause Wolverine to sell out at the distributor level, and Marvel has announced #72 has repeated the pattern for a 10th time.  Because of this, Marvel is sending the issue back to print that features a variant cover using the interior art by Steve McNiven.

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Image ComicsPress Release

Press Release 25 March 2009 (Berkeley, CA) – Image Comics, Nathan Edmondson and Christian Ward reveal the secret life of the gods through the eyes of the Brothers Gemini in OLYMPUS, an all-new full color ongoing series beginning this May! “Christian Ward and I created OLYMPUS as a barrel of powder, and along came the good folks at Image with the match,” Edmondson said.  “To see our living vision presented to the world by such an excellent and widely-received publisher is an honor.” OLYMPUS begins with the Brothers Gemini, 3,000 years after Zeus has granted them eternal life in exchange

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Dan DidioJoe QuesadaMajor SpoilersPoll

You know what would increase attendance at comic book conventions around the country?  Cage matches.  Not cage matches with the GLOW or those Octagon fighters, but epic battles between the Editor-in-Chiefs of the comic book publishing world. Since the New York Comic Con is taking place this weekend, and since NYC is the supposed center of the universe, why not kick off these EIC Cage Match Battles with the head honchos from DC and Marvel. FIGHT!

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Marvel has announced Hulk #3 has once again sold out (at Diamond) and is going back to press with a second printing. “Oh. My. Gosh.” writer Jeph Loeb exclaimed, “I’m amazed and so grateful for our continued success — three issues and three sellouts! Ed and I set out to have fun on this title and clearly the retailers and readers are having a blast too! We know that everyone is spoiling for the Red Hulk vs. Green Hulk match-up and this one sets the stage. So, hang on, true believers, the real smashing is still to come! Thanks to

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Amazing Spider-Mancomic conventionMark WaidMarvelNew York Comic ConSpider-Man

It’s been announced at the New York Comic Con and over at the Myspace Comic Books page that Mark Waid will be taking a crack at the web head in Amazing Spider-Man. Says Joe Quesada: That is the beauty of [Spider-Man Editor] Steve Wacker. Steve and [Executive Editor] Tom Brevoort reached out to Mark, and I’ve always been a fan of his work. And I really loved the House of M: Spider-Man issues he did. It’s just a natural match, a natural pairing, to put him on that book if the timing and schedules work out. And they did. I

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