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DreamWorks Animation has unleashed another trailer for the upcoming Megamind movie onto the world.  Voiced by Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey and Jonah Hill, Megamind arrives November 5, 2010. When super villain Megamind (Ferrell) defeats his archrival Metro Man (Pitt), the world should be his oyster. But instead, Megamind falls into total despair. It turns out that life without a rival is life without a point for him. So, he creates a new superhero rival, Titan (Hill). Unfortunately, the new hero wants to be a super villain, too. Caught in the middle, star reporter Roxanne Ritchi (Fey) asks the

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DCFreddie Williams IIReviewRobin

When you cancel a series, it is always good to go out with a bang, and Robin #183 goes out in a way that makes the reader realize Tim Drake Wayne is more of a hero mastermind than Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman combined. Robin #183 is the last installment of the current series, and delivers a story that might just be the best single issue of 2009.

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Iron ManMarvelReprintVariant

Marvel has announced that Invincible Iron Man #9 and War Machine #1 are both heade back to the printer for a second printing (complete with variants). On Invincible Iron Man #9, Marvel says: “Earth’s Most Wanted” continues as Tony Stark must protect the entire Marvel Universe—even if it means forfeiting his own life! This new printing features the stunning interior art of Larroca on a new cover. And on War Machine #1: Featuring the explosive interior of Leonardo Manco on the cover! Written by World War Hulk mastermind Greg Pak, this is the red hot series that has drawn rave

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Dynamite EntertainmentProject SuperpowersSneak Peek

Arriving in stores this week is the debut of The Death-Defying ‘Devil #1.  Dynamite Entertainment has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the series, that you can see after the jump.

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DCLegion of Super HeroesReview

Or – “File This Book Under ‘Hopes, Dashed’…” The reviews of the W/KRP “Threeboot” version of the Legion of Super-Heroes have been, to say the very least, somewhat mixed.  It’s old-school Silver Age undertones were appreciated by the Legion’s ancient fans (read: myself) but there was enough revisioning going on to draw the attention of the not-so-seasoned Legion readers (that’d be Stephen.)  When Waid and Kitson left the book, I was afraid it would devolve into either a series of riffs on the original, pre-Crisis Legion, or worse, would go off on some bizarre tangent that would bear no resemblance

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MarvelSneak PeekThunderbolts

The fallout from Marvel’s Civil War forced every power to register or be considered a target for capture. But what happens when the powers come hail from a different country, and they are doing work in foreign lands? That is the question the Thunderbolts face as Radioactive Man (hailing from China), and the Swordsman (all the way from Germany) must head overseas to follow a scientist who has attacked Atlanta. Marvel has sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of the one-shot that arrives February 27, 2008.

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