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Batman #686 hit stores today, and instantly caused many retailers to raise the alarm over the use of language in the issue.  While we’ve all be treated to the goddamn Batman in All-Star Batman and Robin, the Frank Miller tale didn’t carry the Comic Code Authority stamp on the cover.  Batman #686 does. The revision to the CCA in 1989 specifically states The language in a comic book will be appropriate for a mass audience that includes children. Good grammar and spelling will be encouraged. Publishers will exercise good taste and a responsible attitude as to the use of language

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One of the big questions regarding Zach Snyder’s Watchmen movie, was how he was going to deal with the Black Freighter side story. If I remember correctly, there was going to be a special feature on the DVD release that would include the story, but word from the New York Times has Tales of the Black Freighter getting its own direct to DVD movie release. The immediate goal is for the parallel release to help start a potential new movie franchise. As television advertising becomes less effective because of declining TV viewership, movie studios need to reach a mass audience

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