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Review Han Solo Imperial Cadet #1 Review 7.3

Han Solo Imperial Cadet #1 Review

So, did you hear the story of the scruffy looking nerf herder who escaped from a cesspool planet, joined the Empire, left the Empire, became a smuggler, did a job, married the girl, and lived happily ever after? Me neither.


Conan covers Marvel comics in December

Ever wanted to see Conan take on the Hulk? Or the Fantastic Four? Or, what about Conan and the Amazing Spider-Man? In December, you’ll get a glimpse of what could be as Conan graces the variant covers of Marvel comics.


Toys R Us Minimates find new life as Walgreens exclusives

In light of what happened to Toys R Us, Diamond Select Toys seems to have gazed into the looking glass and saw the writing on the wall. Still, there were some products set to release at the now closed toy store that we thought might be lost forever. With its deal with Walgreens, a new wave of Marvel Miniates will soon be available as an online exclusive.

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