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Or – “All Things Must Come To An End…” So, another wave of zombie madness has fallen upon the Marvel Universe, and several of Marvel’s 70’s monster heroes have united to stop them.  Of course, having inoculated themselves with the zombie virus, they could easily turn sides and eat each other, which leads to some uncomfortable conversations here and there.  Zombie Deadpool is onboard, and things are about to wrap up the hard way.  Taking bets now as to who will be standing at the end…

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With the 70th anniversary of Marvel is quickly approaching (August 11, 2009), the company is playing up on the celebration by releasing themed variant covers to many of its books. Each of these unique variants is guaranteed to make you smile—where else are you gonna see War Machine grunging out on Fender Jaguar? Or Rogue vogue-ing it up? The 90s and 80s take center stage when the 70th Anniversary Decade Variants make their sensational debut! All four of the books are being released June 17, 2009.

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The saga that will not die (because it keeps coming back to life and eating your brains) Marvel Zombies, is back in an all new series, promising blood, thrills, and gore.  Who can prevent the carnage this time?  It looks like it could be the Midnight Sons, providing they keep a good head on their shoulders.  Marvel has sent Major Spoilers  a sneak peek of the first issue from the upcoming series.

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