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Today is a great day for our good friends to the north – Fan Expo Canada 2008 kicks off in the great city of Toronto.  For the first time Marvel will be attending the three day event (August 22 – 24) with a booth, panels, and lots of goodies. If you are going to the show, take the jump for the company’s rundown of events.

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or, three issues later and there are still no “save Layla” plans A new month of comics dawns and I get to return to one of my favorites, X-Factor. But, as the sub-heading suggests, I am a little troubled at the lack of “Layla” that I’m finding in these issues (though, she at least got a mention this time around). That being said, I can’t help but love this comic. X-Factor aren’t overly fond of authority, and that is just the way I like it

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