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You can always tell when superhero and other comics-related films are doing well – someone brings up a “fatigue” they hope moviegoers are experiencing!

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Avengers Infinity War

There are so many of you who are jumping up and down in anticipation waiting for Avengers: Infinity War to arrive in theaters. For those asking, “Can we get it earlier?” the answer is, “Yes.”

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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Marvel Studios has announced it is adapting Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur for the small screen as an animated series.

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Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer
Ant ManMoviesTrailerVideo

This summer, the highly anticipated Ant-Man and The Wasp sequel arrives, and today we get our first look at Hope Van Dyne as The Wasp in this very well done first trailer for the movie.

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Black Panther Movie
Black PantherMarvelMoviesTrailerVideo

The newest trailer for the upcoming Black Panther movie has arrived, and if you were wondering if the movie would be light on action, just take a look and see what is in store.

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Thor: Ragnarok
MarvelMoviesPress ReleaseSolicitationsThorTitan Comics

Titan Publishing is thrilled to announce Thor: Ragnarok The Official Collector’s Edition – celebrating the making of Marvel Studio’s hotly anticipated new movie, Thor: Ragnarok!

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Thor Ragnarok Posters

Tickets for Thor Ragnarok went on sale this morning – even though the movie doesn’t open until November 3, 2017. To get you even more excited about the upcoming movie, Marvel Studios has released several new character posters.

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Ant-Man and The Wasp
Ant ManMarvelMoviesPress Release

Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Peña and Michael Douglas return for the highly anticipated “Ant-Man” sequel

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Black Panther Teaser Poster
Black PantherMarvelMoviesTrailerVideo

Marvel Studios has released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Black Panther movie, and you can check it out, after the jump.

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Black Panther Movie Poster
Black PantherMarvelMoviesPoster

Black Panther arrives in theaters in February 2018. Marvel Studios is starting the hype engine with this first teaser poster for the movie.

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On Friday, another dream of mine was announced as coming true! Marvel (and if it’s successful, other companies will follow suit) is going to start advertising in movie theaters as well as on TV, as seen in this news item here at! I mean, I know so many fans who have been longing for this to take place! It really came into focus with a lot of us with the first Iron Man film from Marvel Studios. Why not point out you can buy comics about this character at the same time?

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Doctor StrangeMarvelMoviesReview

It’s very rare that I get to go to the cinema; it takes something quite special to get me to part with my cash, but sometimes I settle for something Strange….

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DisneyDoctor StrangeGalleryMarvelMovies

On Sunday, Stan Lee and Marvel Studios hosted a screening of Doctor Strange for some of the comic book character’s youngest fans. Take the jump for a gallery of images from the event featuring Stan “The Man” in his own Cloak of Levitation.

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