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The Punisher Annual #1 arrives at the end of the month, and things don’t look good for Frank – especially when you take a gander at the Tom Raney Rest in Pieces variant cover. via Marvel

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Today, Marvel released a bit more information on yesterday’s FrankenCastle promotion piece, along with another image. Dark Reign The List brings the most dramatic changes ever to Punisher! Dark Wolverine faces off against Frank Castle and the Punisher’s (after)life is altered forever! Beginning with Punisher #8, don’t miss four special Rest In Pieces Variants, all clues to the startling changes ahead for the Punisher! Punisher #8 arrives August 19, 2009. via Marvel

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With Norman Osborn in charge, Frank Castle has taken it upon himself to bring the nut-job down.  Only things didn’t go so well, and his plan was interrupted.  The first issue of the new Punisher series sold out at Diamond (all together now – “But Copies May Still Be Available at Your Local Comic Shop”), prompting Marvel to go back to press.

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Marvel has announced those signed up with the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited plan can read the Punisher Saga for free, as a primer for the Punisher’s new series. via Marvel

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