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FeaturedMarvelMarvel ComicsReviewSquadron Supreme

Set in Chicago among escalating racial tension between citizens and police officers, Nighthawk follows the vigilante as he fights crime and corruption.  This dark and violent book could possibly be called “Marvel’s Batman”, but is there more going on inside?  Read your Major Spoilers review to find out!

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Black WidowFeaturedMarvelReview

Natasha’s own secrets are being used against her, forcing her to return to the place where the Black Widow was born…  Will it be the last place she ever sees?  Your Major Spoilers review of Black Widow #4 awaits!

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Doctor WhoFeaturedMarvelRetro ReviewReview

Though it began in 1963 in the UK, the television series Doctor Who was a bit slower to make its way into the America pop-culture consciousness.  But for a few glorious months in the 1980s, Marvel Comics had the monthly adventures of my favorite Doctor of all…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of Doctor Who #15 awaits!

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FeaturedHoward the DuckMarvelReview

The Duck finally makes his way home, but someone is there waiting…  Your Major Spoilers review of Howard The Duck #8 awaits!

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The Spider-Women face a threat unlike any they’ve faced before: One of their own! Sorta…  Your Major Spoilers review of Spider-Women: Omega #1 awaits!

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The ANAD team takes their first trip to outer space, to help Nova with his ongoing family drama.  What’s the worst that could happen?  Your Major Spoilers review of All-New All-Different Avengers #10 awaits!

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Civil War IIFeaturedMarvelReview

The turning point has come, and the Marvel Universe is ready to splinter…  Your Major Spoilers review of Civil War II #1 awaits!

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FeaturedMarvelNew UniverseRetro ReviewReview

The New Universe was billed as a more realistic comics world and described as ‘the world outside your window.’ This issue is the point where they chuck that concept OUT the window…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of The Star Brand #12 awaits!

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Cloned from the hero who once bore her nom de guerre, Laura Kinney was created to be a weapons.  With the help of her genetic donor, she escaped that life, and now seeks to return to the favor to the next generation of clones…  Your Major Spoilers review of All-New Wolverine #8 awaits!

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Civil War_0_FEATURED
Brian Michael BendisCivil WarFeaturedMarvelReview

Remember that huge Marvel Comics event back in 2006 called Civil War?  Remember how much you loved or hated it?  All those awesome moments of superheroes fighting that stirred up so many emotions?  Well get ready to relive some of those moments because Marvel has made a sequel!  Major Spoilers sat down and checked out the opening issue.  Click here for the review of Civil War II #0!

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Moon Knight_2_FEATURED
FeaturedMarvelMarvel ComicsMoon KnightReview

Marc Spector aka Moon Knight has always been a little bit crazy.  Now he’s become crazy enough to be stuck in a mental institution.  Are all the things he’s seeing real or has his insanity taken over?  Major Spoilers sits down for a therapy session with Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood’s latest issue of Moon Knight.

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Black WidowFeaturedMarvelReview

That Black Widow’s checkered past is being used to blackmail her into doing the bidding of a mysterious figure in the shadows.  Can she break his hold over her before the worst occurs?  Your Major Spoilers review of Black Widow #3 awaits!

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It’s Angela versus her alternate self in the battle to end all battles…  Or maybe, something entirely different?  Your Major Spoilers review of Angela: Queen Of Hel #7 awaits!

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Captain MarvelFeaturedMarvelReview

The legacy of Mar-Vell has come back to haunt Carol Danvers, and now Captain Marvel is having power problems.  This might not be quite as bad, were there not an impending invasion force in her metaphorical yard…  Your Major Spoilers review of Captain Marvel #4 awaits!

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