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When Carol Danvers meets up with the Dark Avengers it might be the beginning of the end as Marvel’s Ms. Marvel series becomes Dark Ms. Marvel with issue #38. It all begins in this week’s Ms. Marvel #35, from the fan favorite team of writer Brian Reed and artist Patrick Olliffe, as Carol encounters Captain Marvel’s replacement—Noh-Varr, better known as Marvel Boy! As Carol’s past catches up with her and she meets Norman Osborn’s new Ms. Marvel (AKA the villainous Moonstone), two Ms. Marvels will clash…and Carol Danvers will fall! Well, I guess you already know how the next three

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MarvelReviewSecret Invasion

Or – “Has It Been Ten Years Already?” As a long-time comics fan, I have found that certain bigs of comic lore tend to keep recurring every few years…  Phoenix is reborn!  Spider-Man’s life will never be the same again!  A foe strong enough to defeat Superman!  A new headquarters for the Justice League!  And, most germane to this situation, the founding Avengers return to action!  I remember a conversation with my co-worker Dusty around the time that Kurt Busiek relaunched the Avengers post-Heroes-Reborn, wherein he opined that Captain America, Iron Man and Thor ARE the Avengers, and everybody else

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