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It seems like we’ve been coving a lot of Doctor Who over the last week, and or good reason; it’s a good show, a great character, and the fanbase love him.  IDW has been doing Doctor Who comics for a while, but now it looks like Ben Templesmith might be jumping on board. Check his blog for a great picture of Martha Jones. via Ben Templesmith

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Or – “Reverse The Polarity Of The Neutron Flow!” Yes, I know that’s the pet phrase of the THIRD Doctor, but it’ll take a real hardcore Doctor Who fan to correct me.  Of course, I’m used to the feeling of being the one guy who knows about stuff, even amongst my fellow geeks.  My knowledge of Legion Lore, f’rinstance, often gets me strange looks, even in the comic shop.  So I was pleasantly surprised a few years ago when the revamped and relaunched Doctor Who television series actually gained an audience and became once again relevant, rather than a decades-old

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