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I’m a big movie poster fan.  The way a studio uses the medium to get the audiences attention is far and above any other form of advertising, including comic book covers.  Take the jump to see the full promo poster for Warner Bros. upcoming movie, Whiteout.

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This week I decide to leave a purchase up to the comic book gods and buy the first non-spandex cover book that I saw on the shelf.  That book was Marvel’s Kid Colt one-shot.  You know, sometimes the gods are crazy, but a good crazy.

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Image ComicsSneak Peek

Image Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of two titles arriving in stores next week (Oct 8, 2008), and we thought we’d play nice and share them with you, too.  Take the jump for the 13 Chambers one-shot and Bomb Queen V #4.  With Bomb Queen around, it’s a good bet there is some Not Safe For Work content ahead.

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