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Hays EntertainmentSneak Peek

In this day and age of low press runs and mega-comic-corps blasting out tons of issues, it’s good to see the little guy get their moment in the sun.  Hays Entertainment has announced Leviticus Cross #1 sold out at the distributor level, and went so far as to claim the second issue is outselling the first. Rodrigo reviewed the first issue on the Major Spoilers Podcast, and it appears it is the word of mouth and marketing campaign set up by Hays Entertainment is working out for the company. “Every retailer received a preview of all five issues,” explains Leviticus

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Wow, 70 years already?  Well not until 2009, but Marvel is getting ready to inundate Major Spoilers (and the rest of you) with a year long marketing campaign. via Marvel

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Boom StudiosPress Release

Boom! Studios has announced the first issues of the company’s High Roller #1 and Station #1 have sold out at the distributor level. “It’s not surprising to me that both titles have been such hits,” said Ross Richie, Publisher and Co-Founder of BOOM! Studios.  “BOOM! prides itself on giving top talent a chance to tell compelling stories with the help of fantastic artists.  With an aggressive marketing campaign designed to expose the traditional comic crowd to non-traditional comic stories, HIGH ROLLERS and STATION were almost guaranteed to sell out.” If you had hopes of getting your hands on a copy,

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