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Bluewater ProductionsSneak Peek

Take the jump for a sneak peek of Vincent Price Presents: The Tinglers graphic novel from Bluewater Productions.

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FeaturedReviewZenescope Entertainment

Mowgli, Akili and their animal pals are back for the sequel series to Zenescope Entertainment’s The Jungle Book. After Mowgli took her vengeance on the tiger Shere Khan, things have been tense on Kipling Island as all the tribes begin to once again fight one another for rule over the jungle. Will Mowgli and her friends make it to the top of the food chain or will these man-cubs just end up prey? More after the jump!

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SolicitationsZenescope Entertainment

Zenescope Entertainment set the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in stores on December 19, 2012.

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Press ReleaseSolicitationsZenescope Entertainment

Press Release Zenescope Entertainment has announced a sequel to its hit mini-series The Jungle Book, which was first published in March, 2012.  The #1 issue of Jungle Book: Last of the Species will hit shelves February 27th, 2013.   Zenescope is best known for its dark and provocative re-imaginings of literary classics such as Wonderland, Sinbad and Neverland. After receiving strong sales and critic reviews for The Jungle Book, the top 10 publisher has green-lit another go around.

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