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Ultimate Spider-Man #91 Review
FeaturedMarvelRetro ReviewReviewUltimate Spider-Man

As a reader and reviewer, I haven’t always been kind to Marvel’s Earth-1610 Wall-Crawler and the secondary universe that he pioneered.  But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things the Ultimate universe got exactly right… 

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Amazing Spider-Man #800 Mark Bagley Variant
Amazing Spider-ManMarvelSpider-ManVariant

Marvel is going all out for the upcoming Amazing Spider-man #800 issue with a number of variant covers. The latest variant covers is by Mark Bagley.

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Deadpool: Assassins #1
Cullen BunnDeadpoolMarvelSneak Peek

What kind of over-the-top crazy will Cullen Bunn and Mark Bagley bring to Deadpool: Assassin #1? Marvel released a sneak peek of the issue that arrives in June.

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Primer Pages
mark bagleyMarvelSolicitations

This fall, when Marvel Legacy kicks off, be on the lookout for Marvel Primer Pages – three all-new pages written by Robbie Thompson with art by Mark Bagley.

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FeaturedMarvelReviewScarlet Spider

Well, his costume may be a bust, but Ben Reilly has gotten a decent start on his return to action as a hero.  That’s about to change, thanks to his “brother”, Kaine, the other Scarlet Spider…  Your Major Spoilers review of Ben Reilly, The Scarlet Spider #3 awaits!

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FeatureFeaturedMajor SpoilersRandom Access Memory

Rand Bellavia is back to share his fond memories of decades of comic collecting and reading in this month’s Random Access Memory.

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FeaturedMarvel ComicsNew WarriorsRetro ReviewReview

With the news that Squirrel Girl is coming to TV as the leader of the New Warriors, it occurred to me that many of you may not have context for what that means.  Fortunately, I keep my back issues numbered for just such an emergency…  Your Major Spoilers (Retro) Review of New Warriors #1 awaits!

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Scarlet Spider
MarvelSneak PeekSpider-Man

As you probably learned from the Dead No More storyline, Ben Reilly is back, and he’s donning the suit as the Scarlet Spider. Marvel sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Ben Reilly: The Scarlett Spider #1 that arrives in at the end of April.

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MarvelSneak PeekThunderbolts

Marvel has released a sneak peek of Thunderbolts #10 by Jim Zub, Kurt Busiek, Jon Malin, and Mark Bagley.

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Everyone loves Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider. Right? RIIIIIGHT!? It must be the case because after 20 years, Marvel has returned Ben Reilly from the great beyond, and is giving him a new series in April.

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Rand Bellavia returns for another trip down memory lane to look at 40 years of his favorite comics in this week’s Random Access Memory.

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Civil War IIHulkMarvelSolicitations

With the death of a major character in the pages of Civil War II #3, the hero community explore the void left behind in two new one-shots arriving in August. NOTE: SPOILERS AHEAD

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Sandwiched between the recently-wrapped SECRET WARS and the big summer event of 2016, CIVIL WAR II, comes AVENGERS STANDOFF. This crossover running through Marvel’s Avengers books has been billed as a prologue of sorts to Civil War II, but is it required (or even enjoyable) reading?

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