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I went to the movie theater to see Super Mario Bros. when it was initially released, and 23 years later, I still have a horrible taste in my mouth. This is why Mario Bros. fan films are so important – to give us a palette cleanser and to show us what could be if H’wood would give the property one more chance. The latest offering to the fan film catalogue features the Mario Bros. getting a Goodfellas treatment.

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We’ve seen select chapters from the fan film, Mario Warfare, but now Beat Down Boogie has released the entire film in one complete viewing experience.

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I’m not a huge fan of people injuring themselves on video for the amusement of others, but when Mario and Luigi show up, it turns things I don’t find funny into a laugh riot.

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The latest installment of the Mario Warfare series has arrived online, and the action heats up.

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Mario doesn’t have to be all about jumping mushrooms, and saving princesses, sometimes thing get a bit more intense. [youtube] This was only part one. I can’t wait to see what happens next… I’m going to guess there will be a rescue attempt only to discover the princess is in another castle.

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If you’ve ever had a dream of rampaging down the hallway of your school pretending to be Bowser, this backpack from Perpetual Kid should get you half way there. We add the punk, passion and purpose, dab out the drab and add the rad.  Is it creature, myth or merely magic?  Meshed tight and right, the result is a backpack of cutting edge design for ages. Well I don’t know about punk, but a backpack like this will guarantee no one will get too close to you in line.  The Reptilian Mad Pax Backpack retails for $59.99. via Perpetual Kid

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