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Review Mother of Madness #1 Review 6.0

Mother of Madness #1 Review

Witness how 29 year old, single mother, Maya, turns into the newest superhero to hit the streets.  Your Major Spoilers review of Mother of Madness #1 from Image Comics, awaits!

Sneak Peek Batman: Urban Legends #5

PREVIEW: Batman: Urban Legends #5

Through four chapters of blood, bullets, and Batman, the true reason for Cole Cash emerging in Gotham City reveals itself at last…but it’s not what you think! What does that mean? Take the jump for a sneak peek of Batman: Urban Legends #5 from DC Comics.

Sneak Peek Superman Red and Blue #1

PREVIEW: Superman Red and Blue #1

First it was Batman Black and White, now it is time for Superman Red and Blue #1 from DC Comics. The issue is available today, and the sneak peek is available after the jump.

Review Wonder Woman #750 Review 8.0

Wonder Woman #750 Review

It’s a big anniversary for the Amazing Amazon and another new beginning for DC! Your Major Spoilers review of Wonder Woman #750 from DC Comics awaits!

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