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Sneak Peek Spider-Man Noir #5

[PREVIEW] Spider-Man Noir #5

Peter Parker has been killed, resurrected and battled his way across the multiverse – but this globetrotting treasure hunt may be what finally does him in Spider-Man Noir #5 from Marvel Comics.

Review Spider-Man Noir #2 10.0

Spider-Man Noir #2 Review

It all started with a murder in New York City. Now, in the heart of Berlin in 1939, Peter Parker comes face to face with a nemesis to be reckoned with! Find out in Spider-Man Noir #2 from Marvel!

Sneak Peek Spider-Man Noir #2

[Preview] Spider-Man Noir #2

After months of fruitless efforts, the Nazis have discovered an ancient evil in one of their dig sites on the other side of the world. Will Spider-Man Noir be able to stop them? Take the jump for this preview of the issue that arrives on Wednesday from Marvel Comics.

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