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Sneak Peek

Studio 407 has picked up the Smuggling Spirits series from the defunct Ambrosia publishing and is releasing the Ben Fisher and Michael Henderson as a trade this April. Studio 407’s managing director Alex Leung says “We picked up Smuggling Spirits from Ambrosia, and we thought it was an incredible book that went under the radar, and did not get the exposure it deserved when it was first released in single volumes. I think both Ben and Michael are incredible talents to watch for and their skills have meshed perfectly to produce an incredibly unique storytelling experience. We feel extremely fortunate

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Wiz Kids Games

While we receive tons of sold out and back to print announcements from publishers, it was a surprise to see a similar announcement from WizKids, makers of the HeroClix line.  Seems the Super Skrull: Illuminati figures have completely sold out, prompting the company to a first-ever brick figure reprint. “After the Crisis ‘Buy it by the Brick’ program, we did some serious evaluation of it in anticipation for Secret Invasion and built in the possibility of a reprint”, said Justin Ziran, Managing Director of WizKids. “With this second sell out, we’re glad to see that we succeeded in continuing to

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