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Recently I’ve been noticing a lot of discussion online about Superman. He’s been getting a lot of attention with the Rebirth event, with DC even putting out more comics featuring the Man of Steel and many of his supporting cast. But one topic really has grabbed my attention, and that is people saying that the current version of the hero is “not my Superman.”

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I always like to point out that this is a tough time for Superman. He’s incredibly powerful as well as unbelievably moral. You just KNOW he’s going to do the right thing all the time. That can make for dull reading sometimes! One of the best things to come out of Convergence was Superman coming to The New 52 universe with his wife Lois and their son. That book did very well on many levels, so it made sense for DC to continue their story in DCYou!

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On Wednesday, you may want to pick up Superman #38, as it will feature a new power and costume for the Man of Steel.

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Lois Lane is one of the most important women in the DC Universe, but do you know everything about her? Let me enlighten you with this video.

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Are you ready for a bunch of Untitled DC films? That’s the way Warner Bros. listed the features when it blocked out nine dates between now and 2020.

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Today we got our first look at Henry Cavill decked out in his Superman duds for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie directed by Zack Snyder.

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As reported by site head honcho Stephen Schleicher recently, Zack Snyder has been chosen to direct a Justice League movie, which will follow the unofficially named movie Batman vs. Superman.

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Breaking news out of Hollywood this evening – Zack Snyder will direct the Justice League movie.

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One of the busiest composers in Hollywood, Hans Zimmer, confirmed he will be returning to work with Zack Synder to create the score for the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

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Warner Bros and DC should just throw in the towel now and admit they will never be able to do better than second place. Marvel is in complete control and they won’t be going anywhere for years.

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Marvel takes a shot square at the heart of Warner Bros. and announces that the movie they will be releasing the same day as Batman vs. Superman will be Captain America 3! Let the battle for the box office begin!

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Remember last week’s column when I said that change is a constant in the Doctor Who universe? Well, fortunately for us, change is also taking place in the Superman universe! As reported here at, two big talents in the comics industry are going to take their shot at Superman, hopefully making that title sparkle as it should!

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Over the years, there have been a lot of incarnations of Superman, each of which has crossed swords (metaphorically speaking) with a lot of incarnations of one Lex Luthor.  Over the last week or so, there has been much ado about the latest incarnation of Luthor, set to appear in the already-controversial sequel to ‘Man Of Steel.’  You’d think that after the uproar about Ben Affleck’s Batman and Wonder Woman’s appearance, that people would be tired of jumping to conclusions, but as a comics fan of three decades standing, I’ll tell ya for free it’s not so.  For my money,

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Warner Bros. and LEGO have taken complete advantage of the properties at their disposal, first with the list of characters included in the film, but now with how they are marketing the film.  We saw plenty of fan parodies of Man of Steel trailers when they started arriving last year, and now LEGO has got in on the action releasing a trailer titled “Man of Plastic”.

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