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Press Release In a coup for Marvel Entertainment, Jeph Loeb, Head of Marvel TV, revealed the all-star, award-winning creative team for the upcoming Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, premiering on Disney XD. This team includes the most sought-after and acclaimed writers in the comic and television industries, including Eisner & Emmy award-winning scribe Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series, Lost); Eisner award-winning writer Brian Michael Bendis (visionary behind Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man comic series); and the red-hot creative powerhouse Man of Action Studios (creators of hit series Ben 10 and Generator Rex), comprised of lauded creators Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau

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Press Release MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS’ Mike Allred and  SOUL KISS’ Steven T. Seagle confirmed they did not announce a new project at this year’s Comic Con International during the Mike Allred spotlight panel, citing the sheer number of announcements made at the show this year as reason enough to withhold information. “We would have been be lost in the shuffle,” Allred said. “Especially since I was already announcing the new graphic novel I am co-editing, ONE MODEL NATION, by writer Courtney Taylor and illustrator Jim Rugg as well my all-new the Vertigo series, I, ZOMBIE. I thought it might be

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Another month of new comics, and Image Comics has delievered the cover images and solicitation information for titles arriving in February 2009.  Some big titles arriving this month from the company including the latest issue of Invincible. Be warned young ones, some of these titles are not for you.

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A-Ah! Savior of the Universe Even though we review a rather large number of titles from the big two, that doesn’t mean we never dip our big toe into the waters of other publishers.  In fact, one of the nicer joys of reading a small press title is the discovery of something new and unique that is a lot of fun to read.  In the case of Flash Gordon #1 from Ardden Entertainment, the reader is presented with something that is not only old, but new.  But does that make it good?

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