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Or – “Why Has No One Commented On The OTHER Big Controversy?” Although a wise woman was once heard to say “Math is HARD!  Let’s go shopping!”, I feel compelled to do a little arithmetic on the latest attempt from the Big Two to retroactively engineer an anniversary issue…  Wonder Woman V.1 (1942) numbered Three Hundred Twenty-Nine issues total. Wonder Woman V.2 (1987) numbered Two Hundred Twenty-Eight issues total. Wonder Woman V.3 (2006) numbered Forty-Six issues total. 329+228+46=603 Thus, ladies and gentlemen, it would seem to this reviewer that questions over whether or not Doctor Doofenschmirtz did a bad thing in hitting Diana with

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DCGreen Lantern

DC Comics sent word that Green Lantern #37 and #38 (both by Geoff Johns) will get a few changes to match up with the events going on in the DCU.  Don’t get spitting mad like the Red Lanterns, the changes aren’t that dramatic.

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Black Pantherj scott campbellMarvel

And why is she so hot?  Yes, the Black Panther is getting a makeover in February.  This extra-sized issue should reveal some of the questions, and may create others as readers wonder what happed to T’Challa after Secret Invasion. Marvel has sent Major Spoilers the covers to the issue, including the 70th anniversary cover by Marko Djundjevic.

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