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Three sisters (Magda, Martha and Maggie), present a threat to their fellow New York City residents with their strange heads in this Kickstarted project from Red Anvil Comics. Readers should come innoculated for: avian flu.

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Comic tie-ins to franchises in other mediums have a notoriously bad reputation. Sometimes you get some cheesy fun ones like Aliens versus Predator versus The Terminator, but there are very few good ones that are not continuations of the original property. Prequel comics, especially, are seen as not being very good by virtue of having to end at a specific place for the primary vehicle for the franchise to start at. So does Injustice: Gods Among Us, a comic, based on a video game, based on various comic franchises, work where others have failed? Find out with your Major Spoilers

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Hulk has become somewhat of a fan favorite with The Avengers still fresh in the public subconscious, so it makes sense Marvel might try and capitalize on this boost in popularity by relaunching the emerald ape. The green goliath has always been a personal favorite of mine, the embodiment of being a slave to one’s anger, and lashing out at all around, hits a personal and sympathetic note with me, so is it any surprise I have been reading his most recent incarnation way of Marvel NOW? Find out if the most green giant is worth your green in this

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