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Poll of the Week

The world of comic books can be very enticing. But is it enticing enough that you would want to live in that comic book world? VOTE!  

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Here at Major Spoilers we like reading comics, and we know you do, too.  But how often do you re-read the issues you pick up at the store?  For me, I usually end up reading most of my issues twice – once for fun, once for critique.  I know some people who don’t read their issues at all, and others who read a book until it falls apart in their hands. I’m working on something at the moment and could use some feedback from The Legion of Major Spoilerites.

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We had a lot of entries in the Major Spoilers Twitterpitch Contest, and we’ve narrowed the finalists to five well thought out story lines for the current Legion of Super-Heroes.  Take the jump to read the finalist entries, and then vote on your favorite.  The winners get something cool from the Major Spoilers stash and an illustration of four of your Legion of Super-Heroes characters by Kristen and Adriana of Super Future Friends fame.

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