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Some weeks, the Major Spoilers Art Appreciation Moment of the Day follows a theme, while other weeks, it is completely random.  Last week (August 16- 21, 2009) we ran art that indeed did have a theme, we just didn’t tell you what it was. Now is your chance to guess to win the first three volumes of the Tank Girl trade paperbacks.  Go back and give a look-see at the entries from last week (August 16 – 21, 2009), and see if you can figure out the theme.  When you think you have it correct, send an email to

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ContestMajor Spoilers

Okay everyone, here it is; the latest Major Spoilers Contest! The prize?  This lovely limited edition Dark Knight 2 Statue from 2001.  It’s a great representation of two of the characters from the Frank Miller series, and can be yours if you are willing to work for it. So what do you have to do? Take the jump and find out!

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Fire up your repulsor rays, designers! Project: Rooftop is teaming up with Westfield Comics for a new drawing contest in honor of the upcoming Iron Man film starring Robert Downey Jr., and the new monthly series Invincible Iron Man by writer Matt Fraction and artist Salvador Larroca. Starting today we are accepting entries for the Iron Man: Invincible Upgrade, with Westfield Comics providing the following prizes for the top redesigns!

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