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It has been a real struggle to write the reviews for Final Crisis. Every time I pick up the book, I get angry over what I am reading, but then after a while, my blood stops boiling and I give it a second, third, and more often than not, a fourth and fifth reading to come to some kind of understanding with what Morrison is trying to accomplish. I see and respect what he is doing, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

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Or – “Ballistic: Stark Vs. Rhodes. One of the mysteries of Avengers: The Initiative so far is how a hero like War Machine, with a history of fighting AGAINST human rights violations and disliking Tony Stark’s manipulative side, ever got involved with a para-military superhuman strike force in the first place.  An answer or two is forthcoming in this issue, which also features a graduation, a resignation, and Iron Man not being the world’s biggest tool.  But the bigger question is:  WHO IS THE NEW 3-D MAN???

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